Complimentary - one time shadow during a session, no shooting allowed and I will not be teaching during the session, you’d just be observing and assisting when needed

-access to the Facebook group for help from other photographers, CC, and encouragement! I’ll help when you have questions too. 

Styled sessions - expenses split equally among attendees, no teaching involved


First Time Mentee Quick Chat - via Skype or coffee date, 20 minutes, $30. Available for brand new mentees to test the waters. 

One-on-one sit down to chat - $100- 1-2 hours, covering whatever topics you have questions about (business, editing, shooting, etc.), help setting goals, anything I can help you with!


One-on-one workshop - Chat before for an hour, shoot for about an hour, edit with me for 1-2 hours after. $250. 


Business or Editing Workshop -$50/person, minimum of 4 people. We will discuss 1-2 topics over the course of 1.5-2 hours. 


Group workshop - price is variable depending on involvement, chat before, hour shooting, editing after

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