• Cassidy Croot

Community Over Competition

Working with other photographers can be intimidating, but when you find such a wonderful community of creatives it's the best. When the tickets went on sale for this mini workshop it sold out in less than ten minutes. I purchased two spots - one for myself and another who a friend who is just starting out. We began the workshop with a branding discussion, which was eye opening! From there our models arrived and that's when the MAGIC began! This couple was exquisite. Everything I hope for my clients to be. They were willing to do anything, but were adorable and eye-catching just by being themselves. Working with the other photographers for posing and ideas was amazing, but the best was the challenge of getting a good angle while shooting with 11 other photographers. It challenged me to be creative with my shots as to not get the same exact photo as every other person there.

Most importantly, I made new friends. In this busy, crazy, artist life it's important to make friends with other creatives - they are OUR people. Being a photographer isn't a requirement to be my friend, but most of my friends are photographers because we have a similar world-view and artist souls. Why be cut-throat and competitive when you can be friends with your peers? I prefer community over competition any day.


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