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Devil's Backbone: Engagement Photography Location

April 26th, 2022

Hello thanks for being here! Welcome to the first post for Cassidy Jo Photography. I hope to use this as a platform to connect with potential clients and to help you all learn more about great places to take photos, engagement and wedding inspiration, vendor recommendations, and all things photography and wedding related!

One of the hardest choices to make for your engagement photography session is the LOCATION. Here in Colorado there are so many stunning places to take pictures that it can feel overwhelming to pick one. Today I'll be focusing on a spot near and dear to my heart called the Devil's Backbone in Loveland, Colorado. Situated far west on Hwy 34, the Devil's Backbone was one of the first hikes I ever did as a kid. If you are looking for an engagement location (or a great hike) in northwest Colorado, I highly recommend this one. There's even a winery across the street called Sweetheart Winery (also a great engagement and wedding venue)!

Avery and Brock chose to have their photos taken just before the golden. hour and brought their two precious doggos along with them for their engagement pictures. We started off at the trailhead and took some pictures in the trees and on the picnic benches.

Next up we hiked up the trail to the backbone itself and that's where the real magic happened! They were so relaxed and natural with each other and it made for such precious moments.

Did you think I forgot about those adorable puppers? Never! They joined in the fun too (mostly for the treats and pets).

To finish up we hiked back down and snapped a few more shots at the little bridge at the beginning of the trail.

If you have any interest in doing engagement, family, senior, or any other kinds of photos at the Devil's Backbone, please let me know! I also recommend it for a short and sweet hike. In the spring there are tons of wildflowers, bumblebees, and other creatures to be seen!

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