• Cassidy Croot

Why Hire a Homecoming Photographer?

Why should you hire a professional for your military homecoming? It's simple, really - these moments captured are ones you'll never be able to relive, and they are SO filled with emotion that it's important to get them right!

Much like a wedding or birth of a new child, military homecomings are some of the best days of our lives for those living the military lifestyle. Many military families go through countless deployments during their career, but each one is special. That first embrace with your spouse or your child after months (sometimes over a year!) away is so sweet, and those feelings are something you want to remember!

My job as your photographer is to capture those real, genuine emotions through my lens so you're able to look back at those memories and feel those feelings all over again for years to come. There's yet to be a homecoming that I haven't cried during their reunion or cried during editing. Deployments can be so hard on a couple and a family, but all of that is washed away in that moment when you lock eyes and melt into each other yet again after so many months. I'm there to keep you calm while you wait. To let you know when the busses have arrived while the excited butterflies in your stomach make you sweat. To keep you company after they announce yet again another delay. To follow you as you search fervently for your loved one in a sea of mammies, for that face you've seen in photos or (if you're lucky) video chat, but not in person for far too long. And I'm there to capture that moment and the sweet moments after as you grab your bags, walk to your car, and get ready to head home to the rest of your lives.

Whether it's your first deployment together or last before an EAS or retirement, let me capture those memories for you. For someday you'll look back on the photos and feel those wonderful feelings again.

In order to secure your homecoming spot, as these sessions are so popular, it's in your best interest to begin looking for a homecoming photographer before your service member leaves and book shortly after. Keep your photographer updated on any return timelines in a private manner.

If you're interested in booking a homecoming with me, I'm located on Camp Pendleton and am also booking San Diego area clients. cassidyjophotography.com


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